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Frederick McCarthy Forsyth was born on \(5\) August \(1938\) in Kent, England. He was an English novelist and journalist. He attended the University of Grenada, Spain.
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Frederick Forsyth*
He initially started working in the Royal Air Force, rendering National service. He later became a journalist and travelled across the World to report wars and disasters. He worked in the World famous Reuters and BBC as Assistant Diplomatic Correspondent. He played an important role in reporting the Nigerian Civil war between Biafra and Nigeria. When BBC did not heed his request to cover the war, since they were obsessed with the Vietnam war, he quit his job and stayed in Nigeria for two years to give a true report.
During his initial days as a reporter, he covered the assassination of French President Charles de Gaulle. He used this experience to start his first novel. The novel 'The Day of the Jackal' was published in \(1971\) and went on to gain more awards. He also created an imaginary organisation named Odessa, as his second novel, 'The Odessa Files', was based on this organisation that ex Nazis. His novels most often comprised themes and topics like mercenaries, assassins, Nazis, murderers, terrorists, special forces soldiers, and fighter pilots. He was famous as an author who brought thriller into every household. He was appointed the commander of the Order of British Empire in \(1997\) for his services in literature.
Notable Works:
  • The Dogs of War
  • The Shepherd
  • The Devil's Alternative
  • No Comebacks
  • There are no Snakes in Ireland
  • The Phantom of Manhattan