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An adverb describes you more about a verb, an adjective, or another adverb

There are five main kinds of adverbs, and they are


1. Adverbs of manner- Describes how something happens. 

angrily, hungrily, beautifully

2. Adverbs of time- Describes when something happens.

yesterday, tomorrow, next week

3. Adverbs of place- Represent where something happens.

here, there, nowhere

4. Adverbs of degree - Defines how much something happens.

almost, so, very

5. Adverbs of frequency- Implies how often something happens.

always, never, often

What Do Adverbs Do?

Adverbs further define the action in a sentence. But sometimes, you will find that adverbs can modify other adverbs or adjectives to make a strong point even stronger.

Adverbs Modify Verbs

You’ll typically see adverbs modifying the verb in a sentence. 


The cute dog runs quickly. (How does it run?)

My patient mother walks slowly. (How does she walk?)

Adverbs Intensify Adjectives

You can also use adverbs as intensifiers to modify adjectives.


The extremely cute dog runs quickly. (How cute is it?)

My very patient mother walks slowly. (How patient is she?)