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     But on Wednesday, Peggy and Maddie, who sat down front with other children who got good marks and who didn’t track in a whole lot of mud, did notice that Wanda wasn’t there. Peggy was the most popular girl in school. She was pretty, she had many pretty clothes and her hair was curly. Maddie was her closest friend. The reason Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence was because Wanda had made them late to school. They had waited and waited for Wanda, to have some fun with her, and she just hadn’t come.
     They often waited for Wanda Petronski — to have fun with her.
     Wanda Petronski. Most of the children in Room Thirteen didn’t have names like that. They had names easy to say, like Thomas, Smith or Allen. There was one boy named Bounce, Willie Bounce, and people thought that was funny, but not funny in the same way that Petronski was.
The narrator then describes the first bench students and how they are good at their studies. On Wednesday, Peggy and Maddie (the girls who used to make fun of Wanda) sat in the front row with the other children. Those children used to score good marks on the examination. Also, their shoes were not covered with a whole lot of mud. Here, one can find the differentiation between the first and the last bench students. The first benchers were the top scorers; their sandals were not covered with mud, while the last benchers were the least scores, and their sandals were immersed in dried mud.

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First bench students

On that day, Peggy and Maddie didn't even notice that Wanda was not in the classroom. The narrator then describes the appearance of Peggy. She was the most famous girl in the school. Peggy looked very beautiful, had many lovely clothes, and her hair seemed gorgeous with curls. Also, her close friend was Maddie.

The narrator then describes how Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda's absence. Peggy and Maddie waited for Wanda to make fun of her in the schoolyard. But on the contrary, Wanda did not come. That was the reason Maddie and Peggy came late to school. The two girls (Maddie and Peggy) frequently waited for Wanda to have fun with her. This shows how often they get late to school. Then the narrator describes how the girls make fun of Wanda's name. Most of the children in Room Thirteen did not have names like Wanda. Instead, they had names easy to pronounce. The names were probably Thomas, Smith or Allen. There was a boy named Bounce, whose actual name was Willie Bounce. The children in the classroom thought that his name was funny. But they didn't feel his name was as funny as Wanda's.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Popular Liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group
CurlyHaving curls or a curved shape
Pretty Pleasant to look at or attractive
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