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டவுன்லோடு செய்யுங்கள்
The lesson "The Hundred Dresses Part II" is the continuation of the story "The Hundred Dresses I". The lesson begins with a note sent by Wanda's father to her school. In the note, he mentioned the school administration of their choice to relocate to a large city. He also said nobody would make fun of Wanda for her unfamiliar name or appearance. Maddie felt bad for being a coward since she did nothing to stop Peggy from making fun of Wanda. She then decided to see Wanda address all the misconceptions and assure her that she never meant to offend her. She was resolved to visit Wanda and let her know she had won the sketching contest. Maddie and Peggy decided to go to Wanda's home in Boggins Heights. They were disappointed to see Wanda and her family had left the residence. As a result, Wanda received a letter from both girls informing them of her victory. She didn't respond to their letter for several days. A letter from Wanda was delivered to Miss Mason just before Christmas. Wanda gave Peggy and Maddie unique drawings and said the girls might have sketches of the hundred gowns. They gratefully took the presents and pinned them to their respective bedrooms. While looking at the picture, Maddie and Peggy encountered that those were their faces. Finally, they realised that Wanda had no anger toward them.