She was never going to stand by and say nothing again.
If she ever heard anybody picking on someone because they were funny looking or because they had strange names, she’d speak up. Even if it meant losing Peggy’s friendship. She had no way of making things right with Wanda, but from now on she would never make anybody else that unhappy again.
On Saturday Maddie spent the afternoon with Peggy. They were writing a letter to Wanda Petronski. It was just a friendly letter telling about the contest and telling Wanda she had won. They told her how pretty her drawings were. And they asked her if she liked where she was living and if she liked her new teacher. They had meant to say they were sorry, but it ended up with their just writing a friendly letter, the kind they would have written to any good friend, and they signed it with lots of X’s for love. They mailed the letter to Boggins Heights, writing ‘Please Forward’ on the envelope.
Days passed and there was no answer, but the letter did not come back, so maybe Wanda had received it. Perhaps she was so hurt and angry she was not going to answer. You could not blame her.
After thinking a lot, Maddie concluded that she swore she would never again remain silent. It might be because she felt a lot by thinking about Wanda's situation. Wanda would be there with them if she had asked Peggy to stop making fun. Then Maddie decided that if Peggy hurt anyone by making fun of their looks or laughing because of their strange name, she would speak up. Also, she wouldn't care if it resulted in losing Peggy's friendship. Here, one can find how bad Maddie felt because of treating Wanda in such a way. Maddie had no idea of how to make things right with Wanda, but she decided that she would never allow Peggy to cause another person so much distress.
Then on a fine Saturday, Maddie spent the afternoon with Peggy. Both of them decided to write a letter to Wanda. The letter they were going to write was a friendly one. In that letter, they thought of mentioning the contest and her achievements. In addition to that, they mentioned that her drawings were pretty. In addition, they asked about her new school and teacher. They wrote about whether Wanda liked her new place and her new teacher. In that letter, they meant to write sorry for the things that happened to her. But they didn't mention that, and the letter ended with a friendly tone. They have written the letter in a way that a person writes a letter to their good friend. At last, they signed the letter with lots of love for her.
After writing the letter, they mailed it to Boggins Heights. In addition, there was a note mentioning forwarding the letter to Wanda's current address. It might be because the girls might have thought if anyone gets the letter, they will forward it to Wanda's current address.
Then days passed, and the two girls didn't receive any reply from Wanda. Also, the letter they had to send didn't come back. As a result, they thought Wanda might have received the letter. Finally, they thought Wanda might be angry with both of them, so she didn't answer their letter. Even they couldn't blame her for responding to the letter because they had made a mistake.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Strange Unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain
EnvelopeA flat paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document
Blame Feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong
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