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CHUBUKOV: And you’re under the slipper of your house-keeper!
LOMOV: There, there, there... my heart’s burst! My shoulders come off! Where is my shoulder? I die. [Falls into an armchair] A doctor!
CHUBUKOV: Boy! Milksop! Fool! I’m sick! [Drinks water] Sick!
NATALYA: What sort of a hunter are you? You can’t even sit on a horse! [To her father] Papa, what’s the matter with him? Papa! Look, Papa! [screams] Ivan Vassilevitch! He’s dead!
CHUBUKOV: I’m sick! I can’t breathe! Air!
NATALYA: He’s dead. [Pulls Lomov’s sleeve] Ivan Vassilevitch! Ivan Vassilevitch! What have you done to me? He’s dead. [Falls into an armchair] A doctor, a doctor! [Hysterics.]
CHUBUKOV: Oh! What is it? What’s the matter?
NATALYA: [wails] He’s dead... dead!
When Lomov claimed Chubukov would be beaten up by his late wife, Chubukov responded by saying that everyone was aware that Lomov was under the housekeeper's control. Lomov's shoulder fell off, and he experienced a heart attack-like sensation. He abruptly collapsed onto a chair while calling for a doctor.
However, Chubukov continued to curse him while drinking water. Even Natalya did the same, but then she was shocked to notice Lomov lying motionless as if dead. Holding Lomov's sleeve, Natalya assumed he was already dead. She asked her father to call a doctor while crying in fear. After realising something was wrong, Chubukov questioned Natalya about it. She replied to him that Lomov was dead.
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