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LOMOV: [getting up] Eh? What? To whom?
CHUBUKOV: She’s willing! Well? Kiss and be damned to you!
NATALYA: [wails] He’s alive... Yes, yes, I’m willing.
CHUBUKOV: Kiss each other!
LOMOV: Eh? Kiss whom? [They kiss] Very nice, too. Excuse me, what’s it all about? Oh, now I understand ... my heart... stars... I’m happy. Natalya Stepanovna... [Kisses her hand] My foot’s gone to sleep.
NATALYA: I... I’m happy too...
CHUBUKOV: What a weight off my shoulders, ouf!
NATALYA: But, still you will admit now that Guess is worse than Squeezer.
LOMOV: Better!
CHUBUKOV: Well, that’s a way to start your family bliss! Have some champagne!
LOMOV: He’s better!
NATALYA: Worse! Worse! Worse!
CHUBUKOV: [trying to shout her down] Champagne! Champagne!
He couldn't comprehend what Chubukov was saying when he announced the wonderful news that Natalya was willing to marry Lomov, so he inquired as to whom Chubukov was asking him to marry. Chubukov responded by saying that Natalya was ready and insisted on them sharing a kiss. Natalya rushed to express her willingness to wed Lomov when he resumed speaking after regaining consciousness since she was relieved that he was still alive.
Lomov was slowly trying to recall what had happened in the past, but he still didn't understand what was happening around him. And, as Natalya kissed him, he immediately remembered the past, became overjoyed, and kissed her hand, but then he complained because his foot had once more gone numb (this time because of happiness, his foot had gone numb).
Natalya also expressed her joy. After Lomov and Natalya were reunited, Chubukov, too, experienced relief. However, Natalya tricked him by repeatedly bringing up the subject of dogs. She asserted that her Squeezer was superior to his Guess, but Lomov rejected her argument. The play ended happily as Chubukov tried to break up the fight between Lomov and Natalya by offering them drinks when it began again.
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