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NATALYA: Have you measured?
LOMOV: Yes. He’s all right at following, of course, but if you want to get hold of anything...
NATALYA: In the first place, our Squeezer is a thoroughbred animal, the son of Harness and Chisels while there’s no getting at the pedigree of your dog at all. He’s old and as ugly as a worn-out cab-horse.
LOMOV: He is old, but I wouldn’t take five Squeezers for him. Why, how can you? Guess is a dog; as for Squeezer, well, it’s too funny to argue. Anybody you like has a dog as good as Squeezer... you may find them under every bush almost. Twenty-five roubles would be a handsome price to pay for him.
Natalya asked if Lomov had measured the size of her dog's jaw since she was annoyed by his argument. Lomov countered again, saying Squeezer was fine for basic acts like following but not for other actions like grabbing. On the other hand, Natalya claimed that her dog was a thoroughbred, the offspring of Chisels and Harness. She claimed that Guess, on the other hand, was as aged and unattractive as a worn-out cab horse. Even though Guess was older, Lomov claimed that his dog was still far superior, so much so that he couldn't negotiate for even five Squeezers. Squeezer is just an ordinary dog, in his opinion, and it could nearly always be found hiding under a shrub, and his value is no more than \(25\)roubles.
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