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NATALYA: What’s the matter? [pause] Well?
LOMOV: I shall try to be brief. You must know, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, that I have long, since my childhood, in fact, had the privilege of knowing your family. My late aunt and her husband, from whom, as you know, I inherited my land, always had the greatest respect for your father and your late mother. The Lomovs and the Chubukovs have always had the most friendly, and I might almost say the most affectionate, regard for each other. And, as you know, my land is a near neighbour of yours. You will remember that my Oxen Meadows touch your birchwoods.
NATALYA: Excuse my interrupting you. You say, “my Oxen Meadows”. But are they yours?
LOMOV: Yes, mine.
While talking to Lomov, Natalya curiously asked him the purpose of his arrival. Lomov attempted to keep his approach to a minimum and then tried to brief Natalya on the reason for his visit by starting with how he had known Natalya's family from childhood. He then explained how his aunt and uncle, who had passed away, greatly respected Natalya's father and her late mother.
The talk of Lomov also revealed two things. It might be that Lomov's aunt and uncle had no children and might have adopted Lomov. As a result, Lomov must have inherited the land from them after they passed away.
Additionally, Lomov emphasised how the Chubukovs and Lomovs continued their cordial friendship. He also mentions how close their lands were to one another and how his Oxen Meadows touched their birchwoods. Just then, while Lomov mentioned the Oxen Meadows, Natalya started to argue, saying, "The Oxen Meadows were hers and do not belong to him.
Meaning of difficult words:
Meadows A piece of grassland
Interrupt To stop someone or something
Inherit To receive money, property title etc., from someone after their death
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