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A drawing-room in Chubukov‘s house. Lomov enters, wearing a dress-jacket and white gloves. Chubukov rises to meet him.
CHUBUKOV: My dear fellow, whom do I see! Ivan Vassilevitch! I am extremely glad! [Squeezes his hand] Now this is a surprise, my darling... How are you?
LOMOV: Thank you. And how may you be getting on?
CHUBUKOV: We just get along somehow, my angel, thanks to your prayers, and so on. Sit down, please do... Now, you know, you shouldn’t forget all about your neighbours, my darling. My dear fellow, why are you so formal in your get-up! Evening dress, gloves, and so on. Can you be going anywhere, my treasure?
LOMOV: No. I’ve come only to see you, honoured Stepan Stepanovitch.
"The Proposal" by 'Anton Chekov' is a Russian one-act play. Chubukov, Lomov and Natalya are the only characters in the play. The drama begins as the curtain rises with Lomov. He is one of the characters in the play. He enters Chubukov's house, which is his neighbour.
Lomov was elegantly dressed in his jacket and white gloves for the evening. While Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov was entering, Chubukov warmly welcomed his neighbour Lomov. He did shake his hand and asked Lomov about his well-being, claiming Lomov's visit to his house was surprising. After thanking Chubukov for his question, Lomov inquired about Chubukov's well-being.
Chubukov replied to Lomov that it was because of people like Lomov's prayers that they were able to live in peace and told Lomov that he shouldn't forget his neighbours. He then politely asked Lomov to have a seat, and, as Chubukov was surprised by the latter's elegant, grand evening attire, he asked Lomov what the occasion was.
Chubukov was quite courteous, calling Lomov "my angel," "my treasure," "my darling," etc., each time he called Lomov's name. Then, he questioned whether Lomov was going anyplace in such a splendid outfit and asked him why he had been dressed so formally and grandly. Lomov said that his only intent in visiting Chubukov was to see him.
Meaning of difficult words:
Squeeze Refers to firm pressure, typically with one's fingers
Treasure Valuable things
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