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NATALYA: I can’t make head or tail of all this about aunts and grandfathers and grandmothers. The Meadows are ours, that’s all.
LOMOV: Mine.
NATALYA: Ours! You can go on proving it for two days on end, you can go and put on fifteen dress jackets, but I tell you they’re ours, ours, ours! I don’t want anything of yours and I don’t want to give anything of mine. So there!
LOMOV: Natalya Stepanovna, I don’t want the Meadows, but I am acting on principle. If you like, I’ll make you a present of them.
Natalya lost her patience in listening to old stories repeated by Lomov about their ancestors. So, she stated her unwillingness to hear any of Lomov's remarks concerning their grandparents. She only insisted on one thing: the Oxen Meadows be acknowledged as her property, despite Lomov's repeated claims.
Natalya refuted Lomov's assertion, telling him that while he could take days to prove his claim and wear fifteen such dress jackets to demonstrate his claim, she would never accept that Oxen Meadows belonged to him. She said this because Natalya wouldn't be persuaded to accept Lomov's arguments, even if he dressed nicely and appealingly presented his claim. The Oxen Meadows are her property, and she made it abundantly obvious that she could not give them to anybody else or that she desired any of Lomov's.
Lomov responded to Natalya by saying he also didn't place much value on the Oxen Meadows but was only acting fairly and morally. He even offered to give the Oxen Meadows as a gift to Natalya.
Meaning of difficult words:
Principle Refers to a rule, belief or idea that guides you
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