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     She nodded. “I see what an inconvenience it is for you to meet me. What are you going to do?”
     Horace said, “My first thought was to run.”
     “Of course, you could do that. But I would telephone the police and tell them all about you. They’d get you at once.”
     Horace said, “I would, of course, cut the telephone wires first and then...,” he hesitated, a smile on his face, “I would make sure that you could do nothing for some time. A few hours would be enough.”
     She looked at him seriously. “You’d hurt me?”
     Horace paused, and then said, “I think I was trying to frighten you when I said that.”
     “You didn’t frighten me.”
The young woman shook her head and sarcastically told Horace that she had become a problem for him because she had returned sooner than expected. She meant to say that she made his burglary more difficult. She then inquired about his plans after seeing her, to which he responded that his first thought was to run. The woman responded that he was free to do so, but that she would call the cops to report him robbing her house and that they would catch him. Horace stated that he would first cut the telephone cables, which would prohibit her from calling the cops at least for a few hours, so that he could use it for his escape.
She gave him a serious look and inquired whether he would hurt her. Horace responded that he was merely trying to scare her, but she stated that she was not scared by his statements.
As mentioned earlier, the preceding discussion highlights two points. To begin with, no other householder would deal with a robber as calmly as the woman does. Second, it helps readers consider how a woman may be unconcerned with witnessing a robber at home. Furthermore, she made no attempt to get assistance, nor did she want him to flee the scene.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Nod To move your head up and down as a sign of acceptance 
Hesitate To pause for sometime before saying or doing anything
Frighten To make someone afraid
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