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Horace Danby, a fifty-year-old unmarried man who lived alone with his servant and worked as a lockmaker, was fifty years old. He was allergic towards flowers which caused him 'hay fever' every summer.
Though Horace appeared to be honest, he stole from wealthy people once a year to purchase valuable, expensive books. Despite the fact that he attempted several burglaries, he did not leave any fingerprints, which was one of the main reasons he was never apprehended at any of the crime scenes.
Years went by. He attempted a burglary at Grange house one day and met a lady who claimed to be the owner of the Grange house. She threatened Horace by telling him that he had to assist her in breaking the Grange safe in order to obtain the jewels. Horace took her word for it and opened the Grange safe. He was relieved to escape the Grange house without being apprehended by the cops, but he was apprehended after a few days. Horace was apprehended due to his innocence. Horace was then working as an assistant librarian in the prison. He was often reminded of the woman who had deceived him and who, like Horace, was a thief. He felt enraged when people talked about 'honour among thieves.'