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     We could hardly believe it when the brandy came to put a final edge on Tricki’s constitution. For a few nights the fine spirit was rolled around, inhaled and reverently drunk.
     They were days of deep content, starting well with the extra egg in the morning, improved and sustained by the midday wine and finishing luxuriously round the fire with the brandy.
     It was a temptation to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest, but I knew Mrs Pumphrey was suffering and after a fortnight, felt compelled to phone and tell her that the little dog had recovered and was awaiting collection.
Apart from eggs and wine, Mrs. Pumphrey started sending in brandy, which surprised the narrator. At that time, the narrator was not able to believe that Mrs. Pumphrey actually wanted them to give brandy to Tricki to improve his health. The narrator and his hospital staff shared the brandy sent by her amongst themselves. Some days, the narrator used to feel very happy as he would start his day with extra eggs, then he would have a few glasses of wine in the afternoon and then end the day with the brandy. Because of all the things that were being sent for Tricki, the narrator was really tempted to keep him as a permanent guest at the surgery.
The narrator notoriously thought that Tricki could stay with them forever, but then he realised Mrs Pumphrey's suffering without Tricki. 
Despite the fact that the narrator and the surgical members had a fantastic time with all of the delicacies supplied by Mrs. Pumphrey, he did not want to keep Tricki with him and wished for Tricki to return to Mrs. Pumphrey's residence as soon as possible.As a result, the narrator felt compelled to call Mrs. Pumphrey and inform her about Tricki's recovery and asked her to pick him up. So, finally after two weeks, Tricki was going back home.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Reverently With deep respect or honour
InhaleTo breathe in
ContentSatisfied with what one has
SustainTo continue something
Luxurious Expensive or rich
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