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     I carried him back along the passage to the front of the house. The chauffeur was still holding the car door open and when Tricki saw his mistress he took off from my arms in a tremendous leap and sailed into Mrs Pumphrey’s lap. She gave a startled “Ooh!” And then had to defend herself as he swarmed over her, licking her face and barking.
     During the excitement, I helped the chauffeur to bring out the beds, toys, cushions, coats and bowls, none of which had been used. As the car moved away, Mrs Pumphrey leaned out of the window. Tears shone in her eyes. Her lips trembled.
     “Oh, Mr Herriot,” she cried, “how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!”
When the narrator took Tricki to the front of the house, he saw that the chauffeur was still holding the door of the car. When Tricki saw his mistress inside the car, he was very much delighted and quickly jumped from the narrator's hands to his mistress's lap. This shows Tricki's love for Mrs. Pumphrey. This incident also indicates that not only Mrs. Pumphrey was longing to see Tricki, but Tricki, in turn, had longed to see her.
Tricki licked her face and barked at her, which showed his love for Mrs. Pumphrey. Both Mrs. Pumphrey and Tricki were excited to see each other after two weeks. Meanwhile, the chauffeur and the narrator got all of Tricki's stuff out of the car, which had not even been touched on all those days of treatment. Mrs. Pumphrey was really moved, and there were tears in her eyes out of happiness.
Mrs. Pumphrey leaned out the window as she was leaving and told the narrator that she couldn't thank him enough for what he'd done. She was really moved to see her healthy dog, as promised by the narrator. Finally, she said, "This is a Triumph of Surgery!", indicating the success of Tricki's treatment. The narrator did not reveal to Mrs. Pumphrey the root cause of Tricki's illness or the treatment he gave to Tricki. Instead, he was happy about curing Tricki.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
LeapTo make a large jump
DefendTo protect someone or something
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