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     This time he decided to try the stock of a theatrical company in the hope of finding not only clothes but also something that would hide the empty space above his shoulders. Shivering with cold he hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world.
     He soon found a suitable shop. He made his way, invisible, upstairs and came out a little later wearing bandages round his forehead, dark glasses, false nose, big bushy side-whiskers, and a large hat. To escape without being seen, he callously attacked the shopkeeper from behind, after which he robbed him of all the money he could find.

     Eager to get away from crowded London he took a train to the village of Iping, where he booked two rooms at the local inn.
After running out of the shop, the scientist decided to find a theatrical company. He wished to try some stock from the theatrical company to hide the space above his shoulders. Here the scientist's need for a theatrical company is that he knew that if he dressed up, people would see him. But they could not see his hands and face. He tried to find something to cover his face and hands to make him visible and show him as a normal person.
As the weather became worst, the scientist was shivering with cold. So he hurried to Drury Lane, the centre of the theatre world. It is a famous theatre founded in 1661 on Drury Lane in London, England. Very soon, the scientist found a suitable shop. He went to the shop invisibly. He walked upstairs and came out of the shop after a while. While he came out, he seemed to be in a different way. He wore bandages around his forehead. It might be because to show the visibility of his face. Then he wore dark glasses around the bandage. In addition, he had a false nose and a big bushy side-whisker. To cover everything and give a complete finishing, he wore a large hat. He dressed in such a way as to avoid getting caught by others. Previously, while roaming wearing the dress, people would feel scared of seeing his empty head. So to avoid confusion, he dressed in such a way. Later, to escape without being caught by anyone else, he attacked the shopkeeper from behind. Then as he did not have any money, he took all the money he could find from the shop.
Griffin attacked the shopkeeper
After stealing money, clothes, whiskers, a hat and so on, he thought to leave the crowded London. He decided to leave the place by going on a train. Also, the reason behind leaving London was that he set fire to his landlord's house, and if he stayed there for a long, he would get caught by the police. He then took a train to the village of Iping. Iping is a village in the Chichester district of West Sussex, England. Then he booked two rooms at the local inn in the Iping. He might have booked two rooms because he wanted peace and no one to disturb him.
Meaning of the difficult words:
BandageA strip of woven material used to bind up a wound or to protect an injured part of the body
Shiver Shaking slightly and uncontrollably due to being cold, frightened, or excited
WhiskerThe hair growing on a man's face, especially the sides and/or the lower part of the chin
Shopkeeper A person who owns and manages a small shop
Village A group of houses and other buildings that is smaller than a town, usually in the countryside
CrowdA large number of people gathered together in a disorganized or unruly way
InnA small hotel, usually in the countryside
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