The lesson "Footprints Without Feet" is a story by H. G. Wells. When the story opens, two boys watch the muddy footprints suddenly appear out of nowhere. However, as they followed, the footprints grew fainter and finally disappeared. The footprints belonged to Griffin, a scientist who had discovered a way to make his boy invisible. Griffin, though intelligent, was a lawless person. He set fire to his landlord's house just because the landlord wanted him to leave the house. Griffin roamed in London without clothes. He entered the store to escape the cold winter night. When the store closed, Griffin indulged himself by dressing himself in warm clothes. When the shop assistants saw him, he escaped from there by removing his clothes. He then went to Drury Lane to find clothes to disguise his face and body. He then attacked the shopkeeper from behind to escape and robbed all the money. After that, Griffin left London and booked two rooms at the village inn. Once his money was over, he stole it from the clergyman's room. The next day, Griffin paid the remaining amount in the inn. The people in the inn felt suspicious about it. So they informed about the strange incident a constable. Then Mrs Hall approached and asked Griffin a few questions; on seeing that, he became furious and took out the bandages. Then the constable arrived at the scene; he removed his clothes and escaped from there when he was trying to hold him. Finally, the poor constable became unconscious, and no one could catch him.