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THINK-TANK: (screaming and holding his head) It’s me! It’s my Great and Mighty Balloon Brain. The Earthlings have seen me, and they’re after me. “Had a great fall!” — That means they plan to capture Mars Central Control and me! It’s an invasion of Mars! Noodle, prepare a space capsule for me. I must escape without delay. Space people, you must leave Earth at once, but be sure to remove all traces of your visit. The Earthlings must not know that I know. (Omega, Iota, and Oop rush about, putting books back on shelves.)
"It's me!" screamed Think-Tank in fear when he saw the picture of Humpty-Dumpty looking similar to his appearance. He assumed Humpty Dumpty's picture to be of his own, with a balloon-shaped big head. He became so scared and worried that the Earthlings would attack Mars and take control of his reign, as he assumed the lines 'Had a great fall' to be for his reign. He confirmed that Earthlings were going to invade Mars.
He was so scared and worried that he ordered Noodle to prepare a spacecraft for himself to leave Mars and hide somewhere without being tracked by Earthlings. Moreover, he ordered his crew to leave Earth and return to Mars without leaving any traces of their invasion. It's because Think-Tank was scared that if a Martian attempt to invade Earth were known to Earthlings, Martians would have a tough time, especially Think-Tank.
The story reached an end with the crew members preparing to return to Mars (stuffing the books into the library shelves again).
Meaning of meaning words:
Scream To give out a loud cry or noise
Capture To take control of something
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