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HISTORIAN: (chuckling) And that’s how one dusty old book of nursery rhymes saved the world from a Martian invasion. As you all know, in the twenty-fifth century, five hundred years after all this happened, we Earthlings resumed contact with Mars, and we even became very friendly with the Martians. By that time, Great and Mighty Think-Tank had been replaced by a very clever Martian — the wise and wonderful Noodle! Oh, yes, we taught the Martians the difference between sandwiches and books. We taught them how to read, too, and we established a model library in their capital city of Marsopolis. But as you might expect, there is still one book that the Martians can never bring themselves to read. You’ve guessed it — Mother Goose! (She bows and exits right.)
Following the end of the play, the focus moved back to the historian. She had begun to present the show's conclusion, which was interwoven with the introduction she had provided at the beginning. She told the audience that after seeing the play, they might understand how a nursery rhyme prevented a Martian invasion of Earth.
The historian then told the audience that they were in the twenty-fifth century, five hundred years away from the Martian invasion. And that during that period (twenty-fifth century), Mars was ruled by an intelligent leader, Noodle, instead of Think-Tank.
As everyone could notice Noodle's intelligence was reflected in all the suggestions he gave to the crew. So, no doubt that his intelligence could have made him a ruler of Mars in the twenty-fifth century. Moreover, the historian also told the audience that humans had taught the Martians the difference between sandwiches and books. Moreover, humans took the effort to make Martians read and helped them establish a library in Marsopolis (which must be the capital place of Mars). Still, there is one book that Martians do not refer to, "Mother Goose".
Meaning of difficult words:
ChuckleTo laugh quietly
EstablishTo permanently set up a firm, business etc.
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