THINK-TANK: Stop! A thought of magnificent brilliance has come to me. Space people, our chemical department has given you vitamins to increase your intelligence. Take them immediately and then watch the sandwich. The meaning of the code will slowly unfold before you.
OMEGA: It shall be done, sir. Remove vitamins. (Crew takes vitamins from boxes on their belts.) Present vitamins. (They hold vitamins out in front of them, stiffly.) Swallow vitamins. (They pop the vitamins into their mouths and gulp simultaneously. They open their eyes wide, their heads shake, and they put their hands to their foreheads.)
THINK-TANK: Excellent. Now, decipher that code.
Think-Tank claimed Noodle's proposal as his own after listening to Noodle's suggestion, as he always does, and informed the other members that a wonderful plan had stuck with him. It sought to boost crew members' IQ by using the vitamins that space people had prepared. As a result, the crew members could read "Mother Goose," according to Think-Tank.
The crew members removed vitamin boxes from their belts and devoured them after listening to Think-Tank to carry out his order. They put their hands on their foreheads after consuming those vitamins because their heads shook.
Think-Tank was pleased with his crew members' actions, so he told them to explain the code, hoping that the vitamins they ingested would aid them in reading the book "Mother Goose."
Meaning of difficult words:
SimultaneouslyAt the same time
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