"The Hack Driver" was an interesting story written by Sinclair Lewis. The story is about a young lawyer who started working as a junior assistant clerk in a famous city law firm. One day, he had to go to New Mullion to serve a summon to Oliver Lutkins. He was an important witness in one of the important judicial cases. Although he was happy to visit the village, he lost interest when he saw the streets. Soon after, he noticed a cheerful hack driver at the railway station who appeared to be friendly. The hack driver introduced himself as Bill Magnuson and skillfully extracted details regarding the precise reason for his visit. The ignorant lawyer responded by saying that he had gone to New Mullion to serve Lutkins with a summons for a legal case. The lawyer thought Bill was a good guy and rented his hack to look for Lutkins. At first, the lawyer and the hack driver went to Fritz's shop and the Gustaff, the barbershop. Unfortunately, they did not find him there. Then the hack driver thought to enquire one of the Lutkins's friends to know where he was. Later, they came to know he was in his mother's house. When they went there, his mother chased them away. Finally, it was time for the lawyer to reach the station, and he was grateful to Bill for his helpful nature. When the lawyer visited his office, his Chief scolded and ordered him to go with a colleague to find Lutkins. The lawyer then shows the hack driver to the colleague. On seeing him, he replied in surprise that the hack driver was Oliver Lutkins himself. The lawyer was ashamed that Lutkins had fooled him as he served the summons. Lutkins and his mother chuckled at the lawyer's silliness and invited him to join them for coffee at a neighbour's house.