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Robert Arthur, also known as Robert Jay Arthur Jr, was born on November 10, 1909. His father, Robert Arthur Sr, was a lieutenant in the United States Army. Robert Arthur spent his childhood moving from one place to another, wherever his father was stationed.
Robert Arthur earned a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree in 1930 from the University of Michigan. After graduation, he worked as an editor and then returned to the University of Michigan to earn his M.A. in Journalism in 1932.
Robert Arthur*
Arthur wrote many mystery novels for children and youngsters. His most famous works were a series of mystery novels titled The Three Investigators. He came to Hollywood in 1959 and began writing and editing screenplays and television scripts. Arthur and his writing partner David Kogan were awarded the "Edgar Awards for Best Radio Drama" by the "Mystery Writers of America".
Robert Arthur's stories were published in Amazing Stories, Argosy All-Story Weekly, Black Mask, Collier's, Detective Fiction Weekly, Detective Tales, Double Detective, and The Illustrated Detective Magazine. Robert Arthur died at the age of fifty-nine in Philadelphia on May 2, 1969.