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     She saw some bracelets, then a collar of pearls, then a Venetian cross of gold and jewels of admirable workmanship. She tried the jewels before the glass, hesitated, but could not decide whether to take them or leave them. Then she asked, “Have you nothing more?”
     “Of course. Look for yourself. I do not know what will please you.”
     Suddenly, she discovered, in a black satin box, a superb necklace of diamonds. Her hands trembled as she took it out. She was overjoyed as she wrapped it around her throat and pressed it against her dress. Then she asked, in a hesitating voice, full of anxiety, “Could you lend me this? Only this?”
     “Why, yes, certainly.”
     She fell upon the neck of her friend, embraced her with passion, and then went away with her treasure.
Initially, Matilda's friend showed her some bracelets, then some pearl collars, and then a Venetian cross of gold and jewels. Matilda tried all the jewels with her friend in front of the mirror, but nothing seemed to satisfy her.
Matilda was disappointed since she couldn't find her best look among the jewels Forestier had shown. So she asked Forestier whether she had any other jewels apart from the ones she had tried. Mme. Forestier replied that Matilda could look around and pick anything suitable for herself.
Matilda then noticed a magnificent diamond necklace in a black satin box. She took it out with trembling hands and tried it on. It was because Matilda never had any chance to wear diamonds in her life, though she wanted to. And, when she wore that diamond necklace, she felt happy and satisfied with its aesthetic appeal. Hence, she asked Mme. Forestier whether she could borrow it, to which her friend replied "yes." Matilda became overjoyed. She then hugged her friend with affection and left her house.
Meaning of difficult words:
AnxietyRefers to worry or fear
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