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     He turned a little pale, for he had saved just this sum to buy a gun that he might be able to join some hunting parties the following summer, with some of his friends who went to shoot larks on Sunday. Nevertheless, he answered, “Very well. I will give you 400 francs. But try to have a pretty dress."
     The day of the ball approached and Mme Loisel seemed sad, disturbed, and anxious. Nevertheless, her dress was almost ready. Her husband said to her one evening, “What's wrong with you? You have acted strangely for the past two or three days.”
     And she responded, “I am vexed not to have a jewel, nothing to adorn myself with. I shall have such a poverty-stricken look. I would prefer not to attend this party.”
Though Loisel agreed to pay for his wife's dress, he thought for a while when his wife stated that the dress would cost \(400\) francs. It's because he'd set aside that money to purchase a gun for himself so that he could join the hunting parties next summer. Still, as a loving husband, he refused to retract his words and instead told her that he would give her 400 francs, with which she must get a pretty dress.
Despite having her party outfit ready, Matilda still remained dejected and unhappy as the ball day approached. After watching Matilda for two to three days, her husband asked her what was worrying her.
Her worry resulted from the fact that she lacked an appropriate jewel to wear to the party. As a result, she was concerned that it would ruin her party look. Finally, she informed her husband that she would not be attending the party.
Meaning of difficult words:
BallA formal dance party
Poverty-stricken Extremely poor
LarkRefers to a small ground-dwelling songbird
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