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Guy De Maupassant's story "The Necklace" teaches us the moral that life should be enjoyed at every moment and not pondered over with too many expectations. Mme Matilda is the protagonist of the story, whose husband's name was Mr. Loisel. 
Mrs. Loisel belonged to a lower-middle-class family. She had a desire to live a luxurious lifestyle but was destined to get herself married to a clerk. She never lived a satisfied life even after her marriage and, in fact, was frustrated with her lifestyle, apartment, etc., she lived in. Days went by. One day, Matilda's husband arrived home happily with a party invitation, thinking his wife would be happy to attend it. To the contrary, the party news brought out her frustration, which made her weep and angry. When her husband asked for the reason behind her anger, she explained to him that it was due to a lack of party wear, for which he promised her offer money to buy a dress. However, while the ball was approaching, Matilda's frustration again arose, demanding a jewel to wear for the party. The couple then decided to borrow a jewel from Matilda's friend, Mme. Forestier. Mme. Forestier was glad enough to lend her necklace to Mrs. Loisel. 
The party day arrived, and Mme. Loisel was a big hit with her elegant look, stylish moves, and attractive looks. Every man in that party hall wished to dance with her. Mme Matilda was satisfied and happy to have achieved her long-pending dream of attending such a party. Finally, the couple reached home around 4 a.m., after which they were shocked to notice the diamond necklace was missing. 
Despite Mr. Loisel's best efforts, the missing jewel could not be found. Finally, the couple decided to buy a necklace similar to the one that was missed, which cost around thirty-eight thousand francs. They borrowed money for more interest as they did not have enough money. It nearly took ten years for the couple to pay off their debts. Ten years of hard work made a complete difference in Mme Matilda's lifestyle, appearance, etc. Mrs. Loisel met Mrs. Forestier one day, and during their conversation, a shocking truth was disclosed. And it turned out that the jewel Mrs. Loisel had lost was a fake, not a genuine diamond.
Mrs. Loisel's lost years, whatever they were, could not be regained. The narrative concludes with a moral: be content with what you have and don't hide the truth from those you love.