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Mrs. Loisel, or Matilda, was the protagonist of the story. "The necklace". She was a beautiful young woman who, unfortunately, came from a lower-middle-class family of clerks. Because of her family's financial circumstances, she never had the opportunity to live a luxury lifestyle. She had never met or married a wealthy person; at last, she was married to a clerk. Her marriage to a clerk was necessitated by the fact that her family could not afford to provide her with a dowry. Her spouse was also a clerk working in the Board of Education's office. However, her financial situation following her marriage was not poor but sufficient, though simple. Despite this, she never seemed to have a happy life. Her desire to live a luxurious life eventually cost her financially and mentally. Matilda's character is supposed to teach us a moral that we should be honest, not greedy, and content with what we have.