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     The husband worked evenings, putting the books of some merchants in order, and at night he often did copying at five sou per page. And this life lasted for ten years. At the end of ten years, they had restored all.
     Mme Loisel seemed old now. She had become a strong, hard woman, the crude woman of the poor household. Her hair was badly dressed, her skirts awry, her hands red. She spoke in a loud tone and washed the floors with large pails of water. But sometimes, when her husband was at the office, she would seat herself before the window and think of that evening party of former times, of that ball where she was so beautiful and so flattered.
     How would it have been like if she had not lost the necklace? Who knows? What a unique and ever-changing experience life is! One small thing will ruin or save one!
Mr. Loisel's situation was, even more, worse than Mme Loisel's. He started working extra time in the evenings and often did copying work at night for a small amount of \(5\) sou per page.
The couple suffered, working and living under hard conditions for nearly \(10\) years, and at the end of those ten years, they finished paying off all their debts. But, Mme Loisel's lifestyle had entirely changed, especially her appearance. By that time, Mme Loisel had become a hardworking woman of a poor household. She had started to look old with her hair badly kept, her dress awry, her hands red, and she used to speak in a loud voice. Though it was ten years ago that she missed that diamond necklace, she kept thinking about it when she was alone. If she had
not lost that diamond necklace, she would not have had to live such an awful life. She always used to think about that worst incident (jewel loss) which ruined her life.
National Council of Educational Research and Training (2007). The Necklace - Guy De Maupassant (pp 39-45). Published at the Publication Division by the Secretary, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.