Ruskin Bond was born on \(19\) May \(1934\) in Kasauli. It was a small hill town in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. His father was Edith Clarke, and his mother was Aubrey Alexander Bond. Ruskin Bond belonged to a British family living in India.
Ruskin Bond was a famous short story writer, novelist and poet. His writings were primarily focused on children and the simple hill-folk of Uttarakhand.
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Ruskin Bond
Ruskin Bond used a familiar character named "Rusty" to describe his earlier stories. His first novel, "The Room on the Roof", was a semi-autobiographical story. It was based on his friends and Ruskin Bond's time in a rented room when he was in Dehradun. The story ''The Room on the Roof" was written when he was seventeen and published when he became twenty-one. Ruskin Bond was deeply attached to Dehra, and most of his stories were inspired by the hills and valleys of this region. Simplicity and fluency of language are the hallmarks of his writing style.
Some of his important works are,
  • An Island of Trees (\(1992\))
  • A Bond with the Mountains (\(1998\))
  • The India I Love (\(2004\))
Ruskin Bond won several awards for his writings. Some of his important awards are,
John Rhys Memorial Award\(1957\)
Sahitya Akademi Award\(1992\)
Padma Shri \(1999\)
Padma Bhushan\(2014\)