I hurried back to the room feeling very nervous, for it is much easier to steal something than to return it undetected. I opened the door quietly, then stood in the doorway, in clouded moonlight. Anil was still asleep. I crept to the head of the bed, and my hand came up with the notes. I felt his breath on my hand. I remained still for a minute. Then my hand found the edge of the mattress, and slipped under it with the notes.
     I awoke late next morning to find that Anil had already made the tea. He stretched out his hand towards me. There was a fifty-rupee note between his fingers. My heart sank. I thought I had been discovered.
     “I made some money yesterday,” he explained. “Now you’ll be paid regularly.”
     My spirits rose. But when I took the note, I saw it was still wet from the night’s rain.
     “Today we’ll start writing sentences,” he said.
     He knew. But neither his lips nor his eyes showed anything. I smiled at Anil in my most appealing way. And the smile came by itself, without any effort.
The thief then went back to Anil's room. He was very nervous because the thief knew it was much more difficult to return stolen things without being caught than actually stealing them. The thief then went to the hallway and stood there as the moonlight was still falling over the bed.

Anil was still sleeping in the bed. The thief went near the head of the bed and took out the notes. As he was going near the mattress, the thief's hand could feel Anil's breath. The thief then became still for a moment, found the edge of the mattress and finally slipped the notes under it.

The following day, the thief woke up a little late, and Anil had already made the tea by then. Anil extended his hand towards the thief and had a fifty rupees note. The thief thought that he had been caught. Meanwhile, Anil explained that he had made some money the previous day and gave it to him. In addition, he said that he would be paying the thief regularly.
Fifty rupees note

The thief was happy, but when he took the note in his hand, he saw that it was still wet from last night. Anil then told the thief that he would teach him how to write complete sentences that day. The thief realised that Anil had learned that he had stolen the money and kept it back. But the best part was that he didn't exhibit any emotion on his face. The thief smiled at Anil once again in his most charming manner. It demonstrates that his smile was genuine. Anil, the lovely human being, was responsible for his beautiful smile.
Meanings of the difficult words:
NervousWorried and anxious
UndetectedNot detected or discovered
DoorwayAn entrance to a room or building through a door
MoonlightThe light of the moon
AsleepIn a state of sleep
Awoke Stop sleeping; wake from sleep
DiscoverTo find information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time
EffortA vigorous or determined attempt
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