What is a house?
It’s brick and stone
and wood that’s hard.
Some window glass
and perhaps a yard.
It’s eaves and chimneys
and tile floors
and stucco and roof
and lots of doors.
What is a home?
It’s loving and family
and doing for others.
It’s brothers and sisters
and fathers and mothers.
It’s unselfish acts
and kindly sharing
and showing your loved ones
you’re always caring.
                            LORRAINE M. HALLI
In this stanza, the poet is explaining the substance or material used to make a house. The poet says that bricks, stone, and wood are used to construct a house. It also has window glass and corridors or open space in front and back of the house for gardening. Tiles on the floor, beautiful paints, roof, and many doors that give it an ideal look of a house. Thus, a house is a non-living/inanimate thing.
Here, the poet has explained the nature of a home and what makes a house- a home. It is the family members brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who together form a home. Their acts without any selfish interest, concern for each other, wish to work for each others’ happiness and well- being hold the home. Their wish to show love and care towards each other is what makes a house - a home.
Meanings of difficult words:
YardA measuring unit (1 yard equals to 3 ft. or 36 inches), garden or corridors outside the house.
EavesThe part of the roof that hangs out over the walls to provide shade, elevations of the roof.
StuccoFine paint used for wall surface.
UnselfishWithout any selfish interest, selfless.
KindlyLovingly, considerate.
ChimneysSmokestack, a pipe which takes smoke or combustion gases up from the fire.
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