Name of the poem: Beauty
Author's name: E-Yeh-Shure
E-Yeh-Shure is the pen name of Louise Abeita, a Native American writer, who also went by the name of Blue Corn. She was born in Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico, on September \(9\), \(1926\).
In \(1939\), when she was only thirteen years old, E-Yeh-Shure published her first book "I am a Pueblo Indian Girl" with the help of her father. This book contains both her poetry and prose works. The book also holds an important place in Pueblo history because it is said to be the first real record of the art and culture of the Pueblo community accessible by the non-Native audience.
Apart from writing, E-Yeh-Shure had also been a teacher. She died on July \(21\), \(2014\), in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. She was aged \(87\) at the time of her death.
At a Glance
Name: Louise Abetia
Pen names: E-Yeh-Shure; Blue Corn
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: \(09\).\(09\).\(1926\)
Died on: \(21\).\(07\).\(2014\)
Country: USA
Nationality: Pueblo-American
Occupation: Writer/Poet; Teacher
Important work: "I am a Pueblo Indian Girl"(\(1939\))
Native American is a term used to refer to the indigenous/tribal people in America. They are also known as 'Red Indians' or 'Indians'.
Remember, the word Indian in this context has no connection to the people of India (or Bharat).