Beauty is seen
In the sunlight,
The trees, the birds,
Corn growing and people working
Or dancing for their harvest.
In this stanza, the focus is on the things that are "seen" through our eyes.
During the day time, when the sun is providing light, we can see all the beautiful things on the earth. Trees, birds, and everything the earth has to offer is marvellous.
trees n birdss.jpg
They may seem ordinary and simple. But can you imagine a world without trees, flowers, birds, animals, the sun, or the moon? Would the world be still beautiful? The answer is no.
The poet is trying to show us that beauty lies in the simplest and the most ordinary of the things. All we have to do is look out of the window or step outside.

The poet also brings the concept of farming and agriculture into the picture. She speaks of corn growing in its field where farmers are both working and “dancing” for their harvest.
countryside farm.jpg
The importance of the first stanza lies in the meanings hidden between its words. The words like sunlight, trees, birds, corn, growing, people, and harvest represent the earth. These words not merely symbolise beauty but also create a picture of life!
Speaking of Earth, the Native-Americans have a unique and sacred relationship with the land. They value their land as much as they love their lives.
Corn also holds a special place in the Native American culture. They are said to be the earliest known cultivators of corn, having harvested the first crop about \(7000\) years ago. Corn was part of their staple diet. They also used corn to feed their livestock (farm animals), prepare mattresses, make containers, and create dolls.
Through the poem, and primarilly through the 1st stanza, E-Yeh-Shure sheds light to the Native American culture and tradition.
Meanings of the difficult words from the stanza:
Sl. No
The process of gathering or reaping the grown crops.
Development; increase in size.
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