Imagism refers to the literary movement of the \(20th\) Century. It deals with the kind of poetry whose sole purpose is to create effective poems using imagery.  
Points to remember
  • The poems are descriptive in nature.
  • They are very shortsimple, and easy to understand.
  • They avoid using difficult words.
  • They use as few words as possible and avoid words that are unnecessary
  • They use free verse”, meaning there would be no proper rhyme scheme or rhythm.
  • They create images in the minds of the readers.
    ezra pound.jpg
    Ezra Pound, an important figure associated with the Imagist Movement.
    The poem "Beauty" has the characteristics of Imagist poetry. It is very short, simple, and easy to understand. The words used in the poem are descriptive in nature and create images in the minds. The \(1\)st and \(2\)nd stanzas describe two different scenes. In the first stanza, the words such as sunlight, trees, birds, corn growing, and people working and dancing create similar scenery. The second stanza, with words like night, wind “sighing”, rain “falling”, and a stranger chanting, creates beautiful audiovisual in our minds. Hence, the poem could be seen as a part of imagist poetry.
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