Eleanor Farjeon (\(13\) February \(1881\) – \(5\) June \(1965\)), a famous children's book author and poetess, was born in London. She was the only girl child among three other siblings, an older brother Harry and two younger brothers - Joseph and Herbert. While Harry was a composer, Joseph and Herbert were writers. As a child, she had poor eyesight and spent most of her time with books. Her father encouraged her to write since she was five years old. She was close with her elder brother Harry and also had many friends who were famous in the literary world such as D.H. Lawrence and Robert Frost. During the \(1950s\), she received three major literary awards, viz. the Carnegie Medal for British children's books in \(1955\), the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in \(1956\) and The Regina Medal in \(1959\). She has been known for her writings in the field of children's literature. Her autobiography is titled "A nursery in the nineties".
*Eleanor Farjeon