The poem "The Wonderful Words", by Mary O'Neill talks about the importance of language in communicating with other people. Words help to bring thoughts into reality. The poet says that one must not hold back his/her thoughts, just because of the difficulty of putting it into words. If thoughts are held back, they tend to fade away and die permanently.
O'Neill says that the best language to put one's thoughts into words is English. English is compared to a game where one has to just match their thoughts with the related words in the language. By doing so, it is easy to make one's thoughts clear and understandable. There are a lot of unsaid things in the world which exists for the time being as mere thoughts. If these thoughts are given a form, then it would be an even better place. Just like how humans need basic essentials like food and clothing to survive, thoughts need words to put them into action. Words also have the power to change any situation.
Every individual longs to listen to a kind word. Kind words have the power to alter someone else's life, even if we do not realize it. Therefore only words can free the thoughts that are stagnated at the back of one's mind. Words are wonderful since it transforms thoughts to reality.