Mary Devenport O'Neill was born on \(1879\) in Ireland. She was a very famous Irish poet with a forward thinking and amazing creative skills. She was famously associated with W.B. Yeats, the most well known Irish poet of the time. She belonged to the early \(20th\) century Modernist movement. Modernism was a movement which aimed to break out from the traditional and classical ideas and beliefs of the \(18th\) and early \(19th\) centuries. Her plays were mostly put up in the Abbey Theatre, which was the most famous literary theatres of Ireland. She had also worked as a teacher in Dublin, Ireland. She was very much interested in art works and practised imagism, which focused on expressing thoughts through precise images. The goal of using “imagery” is to create images in the minds of the readers and describe the five senses
Some of her works include:
  • Cain
  • Bluebeard
  • Out of the Darkness
  • Prometheus and other poems
  • Wonderful Words
  • Scene Shifter Death
The poem Wonderful Words, by Mary O'Neill, talks about how language is important in every human being's life. By language, she talks about how individuals use their words to convey what is on one's mind. The poem is a reflection of how words make the world a better place to live in. The poet very beautifully encourages the readers to make use of the blessing called language, to build a better and happy world.
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