Words are the food and dress of thought
They give it its body and swing
And everyone’s longing today to hear
Some fresh and beautiful thing;
But only words can free a thought
From its prison behind your eyes
May be your mind is holding now
A marvellous new surprise!
The poet talks about the importance of words in a language to communicate, and to give one's inner thoughts a form. Without words, humans would find it really difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. Words give form to our inner selves. Words have the power to change any situation. Words help a violent situation to turn into a calm conversation and vice versa. Like the famous poet, Rumi says "One must raise his words and not his voice, for it is rain that grows flowers and not thunder".
Words can create or destroy
The poet says that "words are the food and dress of thought" because food and clothing are the most necessary things that a person needs. Without it, one may not be able to lead a normal life. Similarly, without words, thoughts are useless, as they cannot be communicated to others and put into action. Words give thoughts a proper form, just like a body gives shape to human life. It makes the thoughts swing into action.
Every individual in this world has a need to feel loved and appreciated. Life offers both joy and sorrow to people. During times of difficulties, it feels good to hear a kind word that offers comfort to the mind. One never knows what the other person is going through, and therefore, it is better to smile and use kind words to talk to each other. A student feels good when his teacher appreciates his work. A mother feels good when her family thanks her for her effort and care. Thus one kind word can change someone's entire day, without even us realizing it.
Power of Kind words
Words are compared to a supreme being that has the power to release the thoughts, that are arrested in the back of one's mind. When one has various thoughts, he/she has visions of it with his eyes. But if he does not use the right words to explain it to the other person, it does not become a reality. Words free these thoughts from the mind that is holding it back in and gives it a new meaning. When it comes to reality, we may be surprised by the beauty or the impact of it. It would make us wonder why he had refrained from putting it into words. Our thoughts, when put into words, can surprise us by the magic it creates.
Words are important to express one's thoughts
Meaning of difficult words:
Inner selvesThe emotional and deeper thinking of a person
ViolentStrong and powerful
Vice versaThe other way around
SwingMake something move
RefrainedTo stop yourself from not doing something
MarvelousSomething really good
SurpriseSomething that is not expected
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