One fine morning at \(10\) O' clock the child heard a gong sound. The gong sound signs the school bell, where it is the first part of the day. The child hurried to school because the bell rang. When the child is on the way to school, he used to see a hawker (salesman) who would shout "bangles, crystal bangles". The hawker was selling the bangles without any stress and time restrictions. The child had a lot of time restrictions, and had to reach the school on time.
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The child's want to be a hawker where the hawker doesn't have anytiming restrictions, and he is so free to go wherever he wants. So, the child wishes to be a hawker where he can happily sell the bangles on the road by shouting without any stress of going to school on time and coming back home.
In the evening at \(4\) O' clock when the child was returning home from school, he notices a gardener. The gardener was digging the soil with the spade where the child could see him through his house's gate. The gardener was digging the ground and didn't notice that the soil had spoiled his clothes. The child saw that the gardener's clothes are stained with the dirt where he won't answer anyone because the child thought that the gardener is so happy with his work, but the child is not aware of the gardener's struggle of digging the soil and getting sweat in the hot sun for long hours. The child wished to be a gardener where he can have different options to do the work that would never stop him.

The sky got dark, and the child's mother made him sleep in his room. There was an open window in the child's room from where he could see a watchman who was walking outside in the dark with a lamp. He looked like a superman with red-eye and moving forward for the whole night.

The watchman was walking in the dark lonely street where he could see his shadow through his lamplight and would never sleep at night all his life. Moreover, the watchman was doing his job without fear, and the child thinks that the watchman is so comfortable and living a happy life. So the child wished to be a watchman  where he can walk all the street at night and enjoy his companion through his lamplight without any fear.