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     People were looking at me. Some were laughing at my bad luck, but none showed any sympathy. Bhaiya and I went to the place where Uncle had left us and waited for him to return. Presently he came. He looked at me and said, “Rasheed, you look upset. What is the matter?”
     I did not say anything. Bhaiya told him what had happened. Uncle was neither angry nor sad. He smiled and patted me. He took me to a shop and bought me a beautiful umbrella, biscuits and sweets and some other little gifts. Then we returned home.
     Back home, Uncle told me that the Lucky Shop man had made a fool of me.
“No, Uncle,” I said, “it was just my
bad luck.”
“No, my boy,” said Uncle, “it was
neither good luck nor bad luck.”
“But, Uncle,” I said, “I saw an old man getting a clock and a boy getting two or three costly things.”
“You don’t know, child,” Uncle said,
“they were all friends of the shopkeeper. They were playing tricks to tempt you to try your luck. They wanted your money and they got it. Now forget about it, and don’t tell anybody of your bad luck or your foolishness.”
People standing there were seeing him. Some were even laughing at Rasheed's poor luck. No one showed him any pity about his misfortune. Finally, he and his Bhaiya went to the place where his uncle had left them and had asked them to wait for him. After some time, his uncle reached there and found him upset. Uncle asked Rasheed why he was sad.
An upset Rasheed
Rasheed did not reply. Bhaiya told him the whole matter. Rasheed's uncle didn’t show any negative emotions towards the issue. He was neither angry nor sad. He didn’t scold or beat Rasheed for losing all the money. Instead, he smiled at him and slapped gently with love. His uncle even took him shopping and got him a beautiful umbrella, biscuits, sweets and some other small gifts. After that, they came back home.

On their way back, Rasheed's uncle told him that the man at the lucky shop had made a fool of him. Rasheed denied that and said that it was his bad luck. But Rasheed's uncle explained to him that it was not a matter of good luck or bad luck. To that, Rasheed said that he saw an old man getting a clock and a boy getting two to three expensive things. Then uncle told him that the winners in the lucky shop were friends of the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was making money by cheating. He was using the fake winners to attract people towards the game. He advised him to forget the whole matter and told Rasheed not to speak to anybody of his bad luck or foolishness.
Glossary from the paragraphs \(9\)-\(11\) of "A Game of Chance":
DenyRefused/Not accepted
SympathyFeeling sorrowful about their misfortune
PattedTapped gently with love
TricksTo cheat/To make somebody believe something that is not true
TemptTo attract someone to do something
PityA feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others
National Council of Educational Research and Training (2006). Honeysuckle. A Game of Chance (pp. 99-108). Published at the Publication Division by the Secretary, National Council of Educational Research and Training, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.