Lucky dips are games of chance in which small rewards or gifts are covered in boxes and chosen at random by participants.
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Advertisement for a lucky dip
This game is a great source to practise the concept of chance. When you are ready to play this game, you need to face the fact that sometimes luck may favour you and other times, it simply may not.
The lesson "A Game of Chance" is about a boy named Rasheed, his uncle and the shopkeeper in the Lucky Shop. The lesson shows that the conversation between the boy and the shop keeper in an interesting manner. The readers or the students can analyse the feelings or emotions of the innocent boy.
Objectives of the lesson:
  • To encourage students to know and understand the world around them.
  • To educate the students about the intentions of the people whether it is good or bad based on the interactions from the lesson.
  • To make students tolerate all kinds of frauds, cheating and humiliation done by others.
  • To create an awareness for the students to bear the loss and deal with the world with cleverness.
  • To make them obey their elders and teach them to have self-control over their desires.
"A Game of Chance"
Video source: ikenschool