phrase is a group of words that are together as a single unit, as part of a clause or a sentence.
A phrase does not contain a subject and verb and, so it cannot make a complete sentence. A phrase is not like a clause. A clause does contain a subject and a verb, and it can make a complete sentence.
1. As soon as you got in, he went out.
(As soon as is a conjunctional phrase.)

2. Popcorn popping, the dog was ready for the film.
Popcorn popping” modifies the clause “the dog was ready for the film.”

3. The entire rugby team, their uniforms muddy and stained, shouted in joy.
Some of the phrases from the lesson "Desert Animals":
  1. The animals in the desert can not survive without water.
  2. The animals had to find different ways of coping with the harsh conditions.
  3. Though most of the animals are harmless.
  4. Some are dangerous when they are threatened.
  5. If an intruder is noticed, they attack or bite to save themselves.
  6. They struggle continually for food and water.
  7. Some animals are called predators.
  8. Mongooses are mammals that prey on other animals.