Jumman was cross-examined by Algu and others. Then Algu announced, “We have gone into the matter carefully. In our opinion, Jumman must pay his aunt a monthly allowance, or else the property goes back to her.”

     Now, the two friends were seldom seen together. The bond of friendship between them was broken. In fact, Jumman was Algu's enemy and wanted his revenge.
After Jumman's speech, he was interrogated by Algu and the other villagers. Then, Algu discussed the case with the rest of the village.
Jumman was questioned by Algu and the villagers
After careful examination, the Head Panch and the rest of the people decided that the aunt should have her justice. In the words of Algu, "Jumman must pay his aunt a monthly allowance", or he should return the property to her.
As the Head Panch and an honest human being, Algu brought justice to Jumman's aunt. However, Jumman wasn't expecting that to happen. Jumman felt that Algu had betrayed him because he believed that his friend would be on his side, no matter what the circumstances were.
Algu passed the verdict in favour the aunt
Jumman and Algu’s relationship soon turned sour. Not only that they stopped being friends, Jumman even started  treating Algu as his enemy. They stopped seeing each other as Jumman couldn't stand the sight of Algu. Jumman hated Algu so much that he had all the intentions to get his revenge.
Jumman wanted his revenge
Meanings of difficult words from the paragraphs:
Sl. No.
Cross-examined To question someone in great detail, especially in a court-like place or situation
AnnounceTo declare or make a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention
SeldomRarely; on highly rare occasions
The desire to hurt or harm someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands; a kind of payback punishment
Enrich your vocabulary with the following words/expressions from the explanation:
Sl. No
InterrogatedTo question someone in great detail, especially in a formal situation
BetrayTo be disloyal; to break someone's trust or faith
Turn sour
To become less pleasant; turn out badly
Couldn't stand the sight of someoneTo hate someone or something
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