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The story, “The Banyan Tree” is about a young boy, who views the fight between the cobra and the mongoose while he was sitting in an old banyan tree during his stay at his grandfather's house.
*Banyan tree
The author also wrote a poem called "Banyan Tree". But this story having the same name, closely follows the fight between the two wild animals, the mongoose and the cobra.
The banyan tree happened to be one of the author's favourite spots to enjoy days that are less hot which was when he would pickup a book to read under its shade. He also enjoyed the warm breeze. It also served as an excellent lookout point due to its increased height.
The banyan tree served as a platform for the author to sit and watch the thrilling fight between a cobra and a wild mongoose.
Even though the garden belongs to his grandfather, the banyan tree belonged to the author as grandpa, being \(65\) years old, couldn't climb the tree. The fight started under that tree during the day. The lesson was about the two wild champions fighting of which the author gave a thrilling blow-by-blow account.
Characters from the story:
Name of the characters
Role in the lesson
The authorSmall boy
GrandfatherAuthor's grandfather
RamuGardener at the grandfather's house
Non-human characters
MongooseIt was three feet long, and it is an excellent fighter
CobraSkilled and experienced champion fighter, it has venom and can attack with high speed
MynaA kind of bird from the pigeon family
CrowA black bird common in India
SquirrelThe boy's friend
Objectives of the lesson:
  • To make familiar the fighting styles of the cobra and the mongoose and their actions against their respective enemy.
  • To enable to develop thinking skill.
  • To prepare with the ideas of making friendship with birds and animals as the boy does in the lesson.
  • To motivate to write stories about birds and animals.
  • To make familiar with new words and phrases.
  • To enable to use new words and phrases in the practical life.
The following video is a pictorial rendition of "The Banyan Tree".
video courtesy: https://youtu.be/FD2oqSkGQsw
*Banyan tree: By Kiran Gopi - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5 in, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15023516