Action verbs are verbs that describe actions, while non-action verbs are words that refer to a state of being, a need, an opinion, or a sense.
Action verbs are typically single words that describe what a person or thing doing in a sentence.
1. The eagle poised in mid-air ready to swoop on its prey.

2. Monkeys climb trees.

3. The kitten scampered to catch the mouse.
4. The dog ran across the yard.
Examples of describing the animal's movement from the lesson "The Banyan Tree":
1. When he began to trust me, the squirrel began delving into my pockets for morsels of cake.
2. I saw a cobra gliding out of a clump of trees.
3. The snake hissed, his forked tongue darting in and out.
4. When the cobra tried to bite it, the mongoose sprang aside.
5. The snake whipped his head back to strike at the crow.
6. The birds dived at the snake.
7. The crow and the myna collided so they made a shrilling.
8. Butterflies fluttered on the garden.
9. I saw the crow flung nearly twenty feet across the garden. It fluttered about for a while, then lay still.
10. The mongoose scampered to catch the cobra in the yard.
11. The crow poised in mid-air ready to swoop on the cobra.
12. The cobra could move swiftly and strike with the speed of light.