Patrick was like any other boy who loved outdoor games like basketball, hockey, Nintendo etc. He was a good player but was not interested in studies. Because of his less interest in studies, he did not do his work and was warned by his teacher.

One day Patrick saw his cat playing with a doll. But when he looked at it closely, he found that it was a small man-elf (a supernatural human). He was wearing a woollen shirt, a tall hat and breeches. He was scared of a cat as he felt the cat might kill him while playing and needed help badly. He wanted Patrick to save him, and instead, he promised to grant him a wish.

Patrick felt happy and called himself a lucky one. He asked the elf to do his homework. Though the elf was not good at it, he offered to do this for him for 35 days equals to one semester. However, a  problem started when the elf told that he knew nothing of maths and history. He needed help to do these subjects. Patrick accepted and brought many books to read and discuss. He sat near the elf and put in ahead to complete the work.

Exactly after 35 days when the semester was over, the elf went away. Patrick scored grade ‘A’ in all the subjects. Everyone recognised him. He became a very better person who was hardworking and a good boy.

Patrick thought it is an elf who helped him score so high, but in reality, it was Patrick himself who did all the homework and improved his score.