Zakir Husain
Dr Zakir Husain Khan, the author of the story "A Pact with the Sun", was a writer, an economist, and a politician. He served as the third president of India from \(13\) May \(1967\) until his death on \(3\) May \(1969\).  He was also the first Muslim president of India and also the first president to die while still holding the position of the president.
Zakir Hussain was born in Hyderabad on \(8\) February \(1897\). Later, when he was a young boy, his family moved to a place called Qaimganj in Uttar Pradesh. He was actively involved in politics and the freedom struggle. He had been a great follower of Gandhian principles. Apart from his interests in politics, he was an enthusiastic educationalist.
However, the writer in him is largely unknown. The greater achievements in the field of politics and education have overshadowed the writer in Husain. He has authored several tales for children in Urdu. Most of his stories for kids are retellings of folktales. An interesting aspect of his retellings is that he had tried making them contemporary and relatable for kids of his time.
Moreover, his works also places particular emphasis on science and its advancement. For instance, in the story "Saeeda Ki Amma", he introduces the character of the doctor to make people realise the importance of the scientific medicine. Some of them are translated into English by his granddaughter and writer, Samina Mishra, and they are grouped into series known as "The Magic Key". Some of his other works are "Blowing Hot, Blowing Cold", "Little Chicken in a Hurry", "The Poori that Ran Away", "The Bravest Goat in the World", and "A Flower Song".
In the words of Zakir Husain, 'the first books that the children read are the key to the magic of the world'.