It so happened that the sky remained overcast next morning. The same was the case the following day. Saeeda’s mother was dejected. She muttered, “O Lord of mine, why have you ordered the sun to remain hidden? How will I ever be cured?”
     Saeeda was playing with her doll nearby and she heard her mother’s lament but kept calm. Later in the afternoon, when she stumbled on a spot of pale sunshine in the courtyard, she ran to her mother to say the sun was there. “No, no”, said everybody present. “It’s too late and chilly. Your mother can’t sit out there.” Disheartened, Saeeda returned to her doll. There was no sun really except for its last remnant entangled in the top branches of the family mango tree.
The next morning, Saeeda's mother was all prepared to sit under the sun as told by the doctor. However, the sky was gloomy and cloudy. The sun wasn't shining, and it looked as if it was going to rain. Saeeda's mother was sad but decided to wait for the next day.
rain clouds.jpeg
The sky was gloomy and cloudy
Unfortunately, the next day was also the same. The sun was hidden behind the thick dark clouds.
Sun was hidden behind clouds
Saeeda's mother felt too unhappy and had lost all her hopes. She was upset with God for not cooperating with her. She felt as if the universe was conspiring against her and wasn't letting her get better. She spoke, in a voice that was so feeble that it was more to herself than to anyone in particular. She asked God why He has hidden the sun and isn't letting her get cured.
Saeeda's mother was sad
Saeeda heard her mother talking to herself. She was playing nearby with a doll when she listened to her mother expressing her sadness. Although she was young, she recognised the grief behind the mother's tone. But she kept calm. She neither ran to her mother, nor did she comfort her. But Saeeda remembered her mother's lament.
Saeeda was playing with her doll when she heard her mother cry
The above incident took place in the morning. Few hours later, Saeeda discovered a spot in the courtyard where there was pale sunshine. It was in the late afternoon, and time was between three and six o'clock. It was the time when the sun is on its way to settle down.
Saeeda  discovered a spot in the courtyard where there was pale sunshine
But Saeeda wasn't aware of all the science and theory behind time. She was merely happy thinking that she can put an end to her mother's sadness. And hence, Saeeda ran towards her mother with excitement. She told her mother about the place where she had found the sunshine.
Saeeda ran towards her mother with excitement
But the elders at the house discarded Saeeda's suggestion. They weren't happy at the thought of Saeeda's mother stepping onto the courtyard. They felt that it was too late and chilly. Saeeda's mother was helpless. She had to follow the instructions of the elders. Besides, how can a child's idea survive against the elders'? So Saeeda went back to her doll with a sad face. She was dejected and felt terribly sad.
Moreover, the sunrays were indeed retiring for the day. They were going back because the sun had almost set. She found the last set of rays in the top branches of the family mango tree.
The family mango tree
Meanings of difficult words:
Overcast Cloud covering a large part of the sky
LamentTo express sadness and regret about something
Dejected; disheartenedFeeling Sad and hopeless
StumbledFound by chance; came across
Remnant Remains; left over
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