Soon the ghost appeared at his side. Vijay Singh peered into his face and declared, “You are just a plain, lying ghost. Anyway, now I don’t have to walk all night. I was longing to meet you.” Not used to insults, the ghost was taken aback. People generally started back in horror when they met him. They often fainted. But here was this unfeeling creature claiming he wanted to meet a ghost. It didn’t make sense.
     “Really, I don’t know why you longed to meet me,” the ghost said.
     “That proves,” said Vijay Singh in a bored voice, “that you are a stupid ghost. The least a ghost can do is to read a man’s thoughts. However, a worthless ghost like you is better than no ghost. The fact is, I am tired of wrestling with men. I want to fight a ghost”.
The ghost responded to the call of Vijay Singh by appearing near him.
The ghost.jpg
The ghost
Vijay Singh looked at the ghost's face and replied that it was just a plain, lying ghost. Having met the ghost early, Vijay Singh felt that it saved his time searching for the ghost. Its because he was longing to meet the ghost and so came to this place.

The ghost had usually seen people who was scared of it. It never saw such a bold person who spoke to him with courage. People would have even fainted in fear. Moreover, the ghost was never insulted like this before and was surprised to see a first-person conversing with it boldly. The ghost felt Vijay Singh was such an unfeeling creature, for, he wanted to meet a ghost instead of being scared like others. So, the ghost couldn't understand anything.

The ghost directly inquired the same to Vijay Singh as, why he wanted to see the ghost. Vijay Singh continued to insult the ghost. He replied in a dull voice. He claimed it to be a stupid ghost, as, it couldn't read his thoughts. The ghost didn't even know the reason for his desire to meet a ghost. So, Vijay Singh insulted it to be worthless ghost which do not possess the essential quality of a ghost.

Vijay Singh continued to explain the ghost, the reason behind his arrival. He informed the ghost that he was tired of wrestling with men and so came searching for a powerful ghost to fight.
Meaning of difficult words:
Looking at something very carefully
To state something publicly
Taken aback
Greatly surprised
Great fear or shock
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