This story is about the importance of the companionship one has, how one’s companionship can affect one’s conduct and build a personality.
The story is about a mother bird and her two newborn birds. The mother died in a storm, and the sons got separated from each other in the thunderstormOne of them reached near a gang of robbers, and the other one landed near the Rishi’s ashram. One day, a king got weary while following a deer. He came and sat under the tree near the cave of robbers. There, the king heard a big brown bird’s voice. It was calling the robbers to rob the king. The king speedily got up from there and rode away.
Next, he reached near the Rishi’s ashram. Again he heard the bird’s voice, but it was a complete contradiction to what he heard earlier. This bird asked the king to take rest inside the ashram and wait for the Rishi to come. The King was surprised to see the same appearance of the birds, but this voice was too kind. The bird told the king that his brother had learned that from the robbers. When the Rishi came, the king shared the story of the birds with him. The Rishi smiled and said it was the consequence of the company that was being given back on the actions of birds. That bird was not wrong. He was replicating what he had heard, and the forest was full of surprises.