Hussaini also became Swami Haridas’s disciple. Tansen and Hussaini had five children who were all very musical. Tansen had, by this time, become very famous. Sometimes he sang before Emperor Akbar, who was so impressed by him that he insisted Tansen should join his court.
     Tansen went to Akbar’s court in 1556, and soon became a great favourite of the Emperor. Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time during the day or night. Quite often he would just walk into Tansen’s house to hear him practise. He also gave him many presents. Some of the courtiers became jealous of Tansen. “We shall never be able to rest till Tansen is ruined,” they declared. One of the courtiers, Shaukat Mian, had a bright idea.
After Hussaini has got married to Tansen, she also became a disciple of Swami Haridas. Tansen and Hussaini had five children. Being born out of a musical family, everyone are blessed with good musical knowledge. By this time, Tansen became a very famous musician. He even sang before Emperor Akbar sometimes. Akbar was greatly impressed and pleased with his talent and so insisted Tansen to join his court. Tansen accepted Akbar's offer and was pleased to work along with him.
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Tansen joined Akbar's court
Tansen joined Akbar's court in \(1556\). Soon Tansen's skill made him a favourite person for Akbar. Since Tansen has become Akbar's favourite choice, he invited Tansen to sing often during day and night times. He frequently walks into Tansen's house to hear him practice. He appreciates Tansen's work and gave him many presents.
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Akbar’s appreciation
This musical bond between Akbar and Tansen made other courtiers become jealous of Tansen. “We shall never be able to rest till Tansen is ruined,” they declared. One of the courtiers Shaukat Mian had plotted against him.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
To say something strongly to a person to do or accept something
An officially appointed person of a king's court
To harm or damage something or someone to make them lose its value
Feeling sad or angry about what someone has
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